After you have gone to consultation and have chosen a design you need and want for your office, project rendering comes next. Its purpose is to calculate the appearance of the materials attached to the objects in a scene, and how lighting and shadows are calculated based on the lights placed in a scene.


This will give the design half alive since you’re going to have a picture of what it will look like. We offer this service to help our clients foresee their future office.


Rendering provides realistic presentations of pictures, scenes, or in your case, a visualization of your office by capturing the elements in a thought-provoking sense of charm. It illustrates the build out of walls, finishes, furniture, traffic flow, as well as spatial relationship and the overall layout.


These renderings can also help to identify flaws which might otherwise be overlooked through the conventional 2D approach. Once recognized, these flaws can be discussed with the client and corrected before construction work begins. So never hesitate to approach The Eggleston Group for choosing your office furniture.